QuantActions focuses on digital phenotyping for neurological and mental health. We are the pioneers of TappigraphyTM - a new measurement mechanism that utilizes day-to-day smartphone usage to gain insights into cognitive status and neurological health. This mechanism allows us to collect the precise timing of smartphone touchscreen interactions - in millisecond resolution.

The collected tap data is associated with a variety of cognitive functions, diseases, and overall brain health indicators - and can contribute significantly to the compilation of neurological and mental health insights. Our scientific foundations are built on core brain processes, such as abnormal neural events, motor functions, memory, circadian cycles, and sleep. All contributing to the development of key neurological health indicators. At the same time, many mental health problems (e.g. chronic stress) also lead to cognitive impairments. These can also be captured by our technology and allow us to help identify people who need support in time. Overall, this enables for a more comprehensive understanding of brain health (both neurological and mental).

Tappigraphy is used in a wide range of academic institutions. Thus far, 20+ studies have been conducted, several of which are featured in peer-reviewed publications and others that are in their respective developmental stage.


List of peer-reviewed publications