Employee Health

Tracking, understanding and managing brain health

Maintaining good brain health at work is a growing challenge. Stress, burnout, depression and sleep issues are on the rise. The result is declining job performance and substantial costs for employees, companies and society.

Our mobile solution empowers employees to track, understand and manage their brain health. Daily scores and trends provide objective information, which enables behavioural changes. Important: All data is for employees only (employers receive anonymized, aggregated data, and with the employee's consent only).

We work with health platform partners who can easily integrate our data or our brain health module into their applications via our SDK.


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employee app

  • Daily motivation to improve health
  • Simple - no wearable or daily entries needed
  • Guaranteed privacy, 100% anonymous
Advantages For Employees
  • Increased staff wellbeing, performance and productivity
  • Reduced workplace incidents, injuries and staff turnover
  • Cost effective and easily scalable
  • Objective outcome measurements of health related investments (ROI)
Advantages For Employers
  • Daily app visits help increase user engagement
  • Connect our insights with your offerings
  • No need for wearable, thus vastly increases user base
  • Improve overall accuracy by combining our data with your solution (e.g. for sleep tracking)
Advantages For Health Platform Partners