Employee Health

Our cognitive assessment supports timely provision of care

In today’s fast-paced world, chronic stress, fatigue, burnout, and sleep issues are on the rise and impair cognitive performance. Cognitive impairments are often recognized late, so care does not reach the people who need it and when they need it. The result is declining job performance, which has a negative effect on individual well-being, as well as avoidable costs for employees, companies and society.

Our mobile solution passively and continuously assesses the cognitive performance of smartphone users. Daily scores and trends objectively help both employees and the employer understand the impact of health measures and support early detection of conditions that affect cognitive performance.
Important: No content or personal data is collected. Employers receive anonymized, aggregated data, and only with the employee's consent.

We work with health platform partners who can easily integrate our data into their applications via our SDK.


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employee app

  • Easy to use: No user input, no wearables

  • Privacy-friendly: No content collected, GDPR-compliant

  • Objective feedback: Based on behavior rather than self reports

  • Supports health decisions: Impact of measures on health become visible

Advantages For Employees
  • Strategic decision making: Based on aggregated reporting on sub-groups

  • Timely decisions: Due to continuous data collection

  • Cost savings: Timely provision of care reduces sick days and accidents

  • ROI assessment: Which measure have more impact on outcomes

Advantages For Employers
  • Drives user engagement: Personal daily scores, allows targeted calls to action

  • Personalized offer: Linking user’s score with own health offering

  • Single user journey: Easy integration via SDK (data collection and insights)

  • Highly scalable: No hardware, no user input, low cost

Advantages For Health Platform Partners